No Weird idea, clothes with an uncomplicated design produced genuinely.

Laboratory in the art of tailoring, starts with existing cuts that are carefully balanced with materials and patterns. Where the end piece becomes a garment that not only endures but age with dignity.

The core is fitting and craftsmanship, our legacy is to achieve the genuine in every garment, in every thread, in every pattern and offer the personal instead of the superficial.

A new impression, with our references we will inspire to liberate the individual.


At Suw Studios, our artisans meticulously craft each garment with care and precision, creating clothing meant to be cherished and worn for years. The importance of craftsmanship is crucial in making pieces that endure.

The majority of our garments at Suw Studios are made to order, eliminating overproduction and supporting a sustainable fashion industry. This approach is applied throughout our entire collection.

Traditional craftsmanship is fundamental to Suw Studios' creative process. In close collaboration with skilled artisans, new designs are developed for a permanent collection, standing in stark contrast to the seasonal logic of the contemporary fashion industry.


We started the Suit Up Weird Inspirations blog because we love observing how people dress and create their unique styles. The originality behind each individual's blend of simplicity and uniqueness inspires us.

When we began this project, we noticed fashion often means the same suit and tie, making everyone look similar. We wanted to bring something new, so we established our own vision of fashion and style. For us at Suw Studios, it’s about showcasing your individuality and character. Dress boldly, be fearless, independent, and original.

This is just the beginning. There's so much more to share and create, and we look forward to having you with us on this journey.